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FYI Our Newsletter is filled with exclusive content and weekly favourites.

Kayla Seah Presets


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Kayla Seah Presets

August 18, 2020 Los Angeles

Kayla Seah Presets

I’m so excited to finally share my personal presets with all of you to use on your own photos! It’s taken me years (8 to be exact) to find an editing style that really resonates with my brand. Over the the last 1.5 years I feel like I finally achieved the exact editing I want with my photos and now I’m sharing the secret with all of you.

Written By Kayla Seah

These presets are divided into 3 categories, Fashion, Decor and Lifestyle. One edit doesn't fit all, which is why I created these 3 categories to help you achieve the look you want depending on the subject matter.   

Fashion Presets:

These presets are perfect for photos with people in them, clothing and overall streetstyle shots. These presets are ideal to bring a subtle soft warmth to all your outfit photos. It works the best with neutrals, as it softens whites to make the perfect vanilla tone.

Decor Presets:

These decor presets were created to make whites look fresh and mute any of that terrible yellow lighting. These presets will add a cozy feeling to your home, while adding a pop of brightness. Think of them like an open window on a summer day. 


Lifestyle Presets:

These are ideal for product images and flat lays! Perfect for shop owners. They add a warm vintage feel to your photos and will look perfect on still life photography. 

The Bundle:

I suggest this for anyone who really wants to create a seamless feed. The bundle allows you to have the choice of every single preset I have created. It's exactly what I use for all my photos on Instagram. You won't regret getting the bundle! 

You can shop my Presets HERE!  


See examples in the following images.

The image on the left is the after, with my presets applied. The image on the right is the before, without preset applied.


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