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4 Tips for A Healthy Realtionship


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4 Tips for A Healthy Realtionship

June 7, 2019

4 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

I’ve been through a couple relationships before I met Guillaume and I learned a lot from each one, about myself, how to treat your partner and how I want to be treated. I feel like Guillaume and I have a healthy and happy relationship today because we built such a strong foundation from the very beginning and knew exactly who we wanted to be to each other. I’m not saying we have it all figured out but when I received some messages on Instagram asking me for some relationship advice this past week, I thought I’d round up the 4 key things that really help Guillaume and I to have a successful and healthy relationship.

Written By Kayla Seah

Support In Everything We Do   

We both run our own businesses and the rollercoasters of emotions that come with that are constant. We have created such a strong form of communication with our work lives that there is this mutual support in place that takes a huge weight off each other's shoulders. When one of us is going through doubts and defeat, we sit on the couch at night and talk for hours about how to get around those fears and we make a plan to help get us to where we want to be. It's like we are going through it all together, this allows your partner to be involved in that aspect of your life and communication flows so well. When one of is working an insane amount of hours or travelling a lot, there aren't any questions or insecurities if we aren't giving the other person the 'right' amount of attention, we know where are priorities are at and we know we're still each others #1.  This understanding really takes away so much stress to a relationship, we don't need to shut off work to be happiest with each other, we figured out how to mesh that all together and that has been one the biggest advantages. Feeling like you have that support from your partner allows you to focus on your goals without any guilt and each of you will become the best version of yourselves!




Do Gestures Without Holding the Other Person To It   

Do things for each other but simply don't tally them up. For example, I'm a care taker by nature and so I love waking up in the morning and making us both breakfast, I enjoy cooking us dinner even if my day was incredibly long. I've figured out that these gestures are the way I show how much I love a person and I don't hold him to it or use it against him when I'm over tired or annoyed. I choose to do these things because I care not because I feel like I have to. He does a list of things for me too but I won't get into all the details, the point I'm trying to make here is to not make your relationship a game, stop keeping score of who did what and just do things because you love that person. If you are with the right person they should reciprocate in an organic way at their own time.





Travel Together (literally anywhere)  

I know this is probably a little cliche and I know travelling can be expensive so I'm not saying go beyond your means here but more so just get out of your every day routine once and awhile. I think routine can be a really scary thing for a relationship and you need to change your scenery and schedule up as much as you can to create new memories and stories together. If you can't go away for a week, go away for a weekend. If you can't book a luxury hotel, find a cute Airbnb that is just a road trip away - just change it up and it will do wonders for your time together.

Wake Up Happy

This is something small but wake up every morning and take a minute to just be happy with that person next to you before beginning your day. I use to jump out of bed and get everything going in the kitchen, of course I was happy but I wasn't actually taking the time to acknowledge it. Now I wake up, smile, roll over give a kiss, cuddle for as much time as we both have and then we get the day going, it can literally be for just 2 minutes! If you aren't waking up next to them, send a text - just start on a positive note. 

Photography by Erin Leydon




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